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Wholesale home décor glasses and mirrors for Vendors

Decorative glass and mirrors are a great way to improve the look of your home. They can be used for your window, door, fireplace, or even artwork. Come to our store if you’re looking for great deals on wholesale decorative glass and mirrors. We have many different styles, including stained glass tabletop panels, mirrored tiles with silver backsplashes, framed mirror art pieces with succulents inside them, or without frames at all. No matter what style of décor you want in your home, wholesale home decor vendors will have something perfect for you.

1 Diamond Crushed Mirror

This diamond crushed mirror comes in a few different sizes and is perfect for adding some sparkle to your walls. It has a silver backing that makes it shine and reflects light beautifully. This piece would be great as an accent wall or even above a fireplace as part of wholesale mirrors.

2 Stained Glass Table Top Panel

If you want something unique, we have this stained glass tabletop panel. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the design is intricate. It would be great on a coffee table, side table, or even as part of a larger art piece.

3 Large Framed Mirror Art Piece with Succulents.
This large framed mirror art piece is a great way to bring the green indoors during those cold winter months. The silver frame allows some of your décor items to still shine through and add classiness. This piece would be perfect on any wall in your home or even just sitting on an accent table.

4 Framed Mirror Art Piece with Succulents Inside Them

We also have framed mirror art pieces with succulents inside them. These are very popular and add a touch of style to the room. If you’re looking for something that’s more “on-trend,” this is it.

5 Mirrored Tiles with Silver Backsplashes

Our mirrored tiles with silver backsplashes are trendy right now, too. They are in different shapes and sizes, so there will be one perfect for your space, no matter what the size or shape. We have many different styles available, including round ones, square ones, some large enough to cover an entire wall if desired.

No matter the appearance you want to achieve at home, these tiles can help you get there quickly and easily by just adding them on top of any existing tile pattern or color scheme already present in your kitchen/bathroom similar to wholesale wine glasses.

You can add some sparkle to your walls with the diamond crushed mirror, or go with one of our many wholesale home décor vendors in different styles and colors. If succulents are your thing, we have framed mirror art pieces with succulents inside them and mirrored tiles with silver backsplashes. No matter what style of décor you want in your home, we have the perfect decorative glass and mirrors for it.